Author of TEJ DANCE® method

The author of TEJ DANCE method is Tomo Tololeski – a dancer, dance lecturer, choreographer and lecturer in special education. He began his dance career in 1984 as a dancesport competitor. Soon, awards followed. In 1990 he won the National Latin American Dance Championship with his partner in the youth category, among other titles. In 1990 he finished ninth in the European Youth Championship in Latin American Dances in the Netherlands. He was a member of the Slovene National Team in dancesports for many years. In his sports career he made it the finals several times and won medals in the international tournaments.

On national TV and at national events he participated in many performances and choreographies. Among other things, he participated in two seasons of the series Dancing with the Stars. He prepared and designed choreographies for dance performances at national and international dance events for people with physical disabilities.

After finishing his competitive career, he worked as a dance trainer and lecturer. He finished studies in special education. He was a member of the founding group for an international study at the Slovene Dance Academy. He developed programmes for dance pedagogy and didactics. In 2011 he became a lecturer at the Slovene Dance Academy.

Until today Tomo has been running dance courses for adults, developing new approaches to dance teaching. Besides dancesports he danced classical ballet, jazz ballet, contemporary dance, Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam, salsa, Argentine tango, zouk … For more than 15 years he has studied yoga intensively. He was a yoga teacher for many years. As a special education teacher he holds dance therapy workshops at the Slovene Division of Paediatrics.

In 2012 he started developing an inventive approach to ballroom dance teaching for individuals and couples. He named it TEJ DANCE. Its foundations are a mixture of ballroom dance knowledge and intuitive dance. TEJ is an acronym for Trust – Energy – Joy: when you let go all the unnecessary mental constructions that are often fed by ignorance and fear, you can start to trust; at this point a connected, spontaneous dance is born; dance and life (liveliness) become one; the life energy has a free way; we are connected and joyful.

Tomo described TEJ DANCE as just dance. Dance that we all have inside of us. Dance that happens by itself once we trust and indulge in it. It is the creative energy that awakens the inner child and gives him wings of joy. Joy is a state of mind without burdens, fears and doubts. It is love and trust, sincerity and lightness.

Today, Tomo is considered to be one of the best dance teachers in Slovenia. He is highly respected among professionals and the general public. Not only because he is an expert on the podium of teaching and dancing, but because he teaches and dances con brio.

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